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Safeguarding Your Interests

EC Proxy has the experience and knowledge that you can rely upon to outsource your proxy voting needs. 

EC Proxy is a private company specializing in voting domestic proxies. We take the utmost care in administering your vote, while safeguarding your interests. Our company is not a registered investment advisor or research firm; therefore, we do not have any conflicts of interest and can vote on your behalf without the controversy that other firms face. Our long-term relationships stem from building strong communication with clients in an atmosphere of understanding and trust.  We maintain exceptional ethical standards in all of our actions and are committed to being an integral part of your team.

Erin Carty, President and CEO, founded EC Proxy Voting Service in 2000. She leads a team with over 50 years of combined experience in the financial industry. The EC Proxy team has the knowledge and expertise needed to reliably manage your proxy voting needs.